No Honour Among Thieves

My heart is still pounding as my red-haired, submachine gun-wielding female proxy takes cover behind a dumpster and waits for the heat to blow over. We—my character and her three “business associates”—have just stolen a prison bus in preparation for our prison break heist. A tense minute passes while the police skirt around my location until, suddenly and comprehensively, the police give up the search. The team stows the bus at the drop off and we’re all deposited outside a rural Blaine County store, fifteen grand richer.

It takes a few seconds for Grand Theft Auto Online to give control back to the player after missions. I take a few steps toward my expensive sports car, bought with entirely illegal funds. The crack of an assault rifle pours through my headphones, followed shortly thereafter by the unmistakable sound of my death. As the screen fades to black, I watch two other members of my heist crew get mowed down by our traitorous fourth member.

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